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T3 Ignitions

T3 ignitions are Plug & Play to fit various PWC models. The ignition is simple to install and use and has four built-in curves that can be re-programmed by Advent.

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T4 Ignitions

Completely user programmable with Advent's free PC based Curve DevilŪ software. Works with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, available for a wide range of 1 to 4 cylinder engines.

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Curve DevilŪ Software

Advent's free PC based application software makes it easy to program the T4 ignition.

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The SportTACH is designed specifically for the watercraft and snowmobile power sports market and is fully water tight. It displays and stores engine information such as RPM and EGT values. Optional thermocouple probes are available.

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Cat Sensor Chip

A direct plug-in replacement for the stock cat temperature sensor on Yamaha GP1200R and GP1300R engines. Required in order to install an after market pipe or D plate.

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Remote Control, All T3 Ignitions

A must for all T3 ignitions mounted in water-tight enclosures. Locates the timing curve selection switches outside the electrical box for easy access.

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